Adam Levine 'Better Watch Out,' Fellow Sexiest Men 'Property Brothers' Warn

The HGTV stars chat with MTV News about their Bob Dylan cameo and their Sexiest title.

Adam Levine better watch out! The "Property Brothers" have a warning for the Sexiest Man Alive.

"Jonathan and I are 6 foot 5, 220 pounds and there are two of us," Drew Scott told MTV News. "So we can take him."

While the HGTV stars maintained that they are "very flattered" by the honor of even making the list, they're not afraid of a challenge.

"When it comes to a hot-guy face-off, we will take him down," they further joked, likening the proposed battle to that of "Zoolander" levels of ridiculous.

However, they aren't too mad at the singer. Jonathan eventually offered to have "The Voice" judge on their show. "I've been trying to replace Drew for quite a while so, maybe I'll give Adam a call," he said. "Or maybe Drew and I just need to whip out our instruments and join that band, take our show on the road."

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While Levine makes the list all by himself, the Scott brothers note that it takes "twin power" to land them a spot. Drew added, "Jonathan and I, it definitely takes two of us to equal one sexy man."

It's been a big week for the guys. In addition to making the Sexiest List, they also landed a cameo in the interactive video for Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone," which also included appearances from Drew Carey, Danny Brown and the "Pawn Stars."

The TV stars got the call from Sony Records who said they were "looking to do something that had never been done." And from there the brothers "jumped" at the chance to appear in the visual, and even directed their segment to make it reflect "Property Brothers."

And, as it turns out, it's the only Dylan song on Jonathan's playlist. So while he knew the words, he couldn't get the lip-syncing down due to Dylan's signature singing style. "I would say Jonathan and I knew about 50 percent of the lyrics, that was the hardest thing," Drew added.

"Everybody did the entire song so it's the full lyric so that's what we thought was kind of funny 'cause you have words like 'How does it feel to be without a home?' Well there's certain words that really tie into our show," he continued. "The lyrics are universal, they tie into everything."

And, if you're wondering what distinction is more highly regarded by the Scott Brothers, Jonathan said, "I've had almost an equal amount of people [contact me to say] 'I can't believe you were in a Bob Dylan video. That's incredible.' And then the other half are saying 'Oh you're voted People magazine' Sexiest Men Alive, that's amazing, I remember you when you were ugly.'"