Lady Gaga's 'Artpop' Video: What Does It Really Mean?

MTV News caught up with her ARTPOP collaborators to get an explanation.

While fans eagerly await Lady Gaga's video for "Do What U Want," on Wednesday, the singer bestowed on her Little Monsters the Inez & Vinoodh-directed video for "Artpop."

The visual is a short film that brings to life much of the ARTPOP artwork, including her dirt and grass bikini. Wondering what it all means? We talked to Gaga's collaborators to find out.

Performance Art(pop)

A lot the performance in the video seems to be inspired by her friendship with performance artist Marina Abramovic, who worked closely with Gaga on ARTPOP. The video brings to life many of the album's concepts.

"You know it was wonderful because she's a good student and she really like to learn and she's very open to art and she also gives credits to artists, which is very generous," she told MTV News about teaching the Mother Monster her philosophies on performance art. "And I think it's a completely new collaboration of artist and pop musicians."

She added, "Before everyone would stay in his own category, but we're in the 21st century, we have to blur the borders. And I think it's so important to go into each other's area and learn from each other and that is what's happening."

Her Gnarly Grills

While most artists tend to sport blinged-out, gold grills, Gaga turns the idea on its head wearing a set that look like big, rotting teeth. She wore a similar pair to the YouTube Awards earlier this month. Twista, who worked with Gaga on the album, reviewed the look, sharing, "Man, you know she killed them! That's how she do it!"

Take A Seat

Another stand-out image from the video is Gaga's use of the Benjamin Rollins Caldwell-designed binary chair, which she sits on throughout the video in various costumes and is, in a lot of ways, an embodiment of technology.

"The chair first went out to Haus of Gaga, they had contacted me a while back and I actually didn't know the extent to where it was going to show up and all of a sudden it was her first Twitter image in months and so it was such an honor," he shared.

The chair has since surfaced in the video. Caldwell noted when we spoke to him that what you see is the result of him working with the Haus after he "sent out some sketches, [got] sketches approved, made some pieces, put the installation together. It was really an amazing experience."

Blurred Lines

Gaga plays many parts in the video. "Applause" directors Inez & Vinoodh created a similar kind of character study when they worked with her on her "You and I" fashion films back in 2011, noting that they wanted to create "a bridge between fashion and rock and roll."

Pop Or Art?

So what does 'ARTPOP' really mean? Abramovic also broke down what the word meant from her artistic point-of-view.

"You know she turned 'ARTPOP,' 'pop art' [around] and I think it's very amusing how she sees it. And I really think the idea of collaborating with someone so extreme like Jeff Koons or me as a performance artist or [director] Bob Wilson [does] actually explain 'ARTPOP,' 'pop art' [to people]."