Which 1D Day Challenge Entrants Will Win? We Hand-Pick Our Faves

MTV News breaks down best fan art, lookalikes and inventions before Saturday's big event.

As Directioners well know, 1D Day (November 23) is looming ever nearer, and with it, the winners of a series of challenges laid out by the band will be revealed. In prep for the big day, MTV News combed through the fan entries for fan art, music videos, lookalikes, inventions and theme tunes and chose our favorite entrants in each category.

1D’s new album, Midnight Memories, in out on Monday, but two days prior, the boys plan to rock out live for seven hours in celebration of the album’s arrival.

In between spontaneously fainting, crying and eagerly counting down the hours and days, fans have been busy competing in a series of challenges presented by the boys — crafting rad fan art, making their own music videos and more. The winners of those challenges will — gasp — be integrated into the band’s 7-hour live stream. So the ante, we imagine, is serious upped here.

We break down our favorite entries below. Which do you think will win the boys’ seal of approval?


Baked Boys
We’re guessing some fans think the 1D dudes are good enough to eat. Now, that fan-tasy can come true. We wonder what flavor these cookies are. Carrot?

Get Real
What’s black and white and rad all over? This drawing of Liam, of course.

Photo Finish
This drawing of Harry is so real we’re almost tempted to maul him with adoration. Almost.

Gone Bananas
One Direction’s Harry Styles really digs bananas, so this was sort of inevitable. Still, the technical skill on such a tricky medium is impressive.


“Live While We’re Young”
There’s a lot of lip-synching going on in this challenge. We’re happy to see/hear these Directioners putting this jam into their own words, so to speak.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.

“One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks)”
There’s some serious stop-motion animation skills going on in this rendition of One Direction’s Blondie cover.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.

“Best School Ever”
Props for turning the “Best Song Ever” into a jam about engineers and math.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.

“I Want”
And now for some cute kids.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.


Harry Styles
We guess Harry has a baby face. Literally.

Another Harry Styles
One Direction is for the dogs.

Yet Another
Long-lost relative?

And Another — Why Not?
Harry Styles? Trendsetter? Sure.


One Direction Scream
An app that lets you rate your fandom by the loudness of your scream — and share those screams with your friends? Sure. Just don’t use it directly next to my ear.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.

One Direction Infection Kit
Other fandoms beware, you’re all, apparently, sick in the head. Let these girls fix what ails you.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.

Mommy Dearest
This lady wants to make you all dinner and whatnot. You know what they say about free meals, though.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.

One Direction Fan Generator
We’re not sure that lack of fans is a problem One Direction grapples with, but we like that this fan’s dad was kind enough to make a cameo. Did the button work on him?

Embedded from www.youtube.com.


1D Day
Short, sweet, we dig it.

Embedded from w.soundcloud.com.

1D Day Theme Song
This dude could totally join the band.

Embedded from w.soundcloud.com.

“Everything will be OK” is a good message.

Embedded from w.soundcloud.com.

1D Day Theme Song
And you convinced us. We’ll tune in.

Embedded from w.soundcloud.com.

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