We Rank Rumored 'Batman Vs Superman' Titles From Blackest To Darkest

Domain names registered by Warner Bros. suggest possible subtitles for the 'Man of Steel' sequel.

Since Comic-Con in July, fans have largely come to refer to what is officially called "The Untitled Man of Steel Sequel" as "Batman Vs. Superman." It's straightforward, and reflects what we believe the movie to be about.

But recent domain name registrations by Warner Bros., as reported by Fusible, suggest that the eventual title won't bear the "Vs" format everyone has been using and will instead employ a colon like every other modern big-budget sequel, with "Man of Steel" out in front.

None of the proposed titles are great. Some are worse than others, so for your convenience, we've ranked the possible titles for "The Movie Formerly Known As Batman Vs Superman."

"Man of Steel: Beyond Darkness"

Movie titles with "darkness" in them, especially ones that employ the colon, have become the scourge of the modern-day blockbuster. It's a cheap way of saying "Whoa, watch out everyone. This movie is serious."

"Man of Steel: Darkness Falls"

Is this a reference to Vincent Price's voice-over in the "Thriller" video?

"Man of Steel: The Darkness Within"

Please stop with all the "darkness" already. At least, this one seems to be saying something about the theme of the movie, but who wants to see Superman battle the darkness inside himself?

"Man of Steel: Black of Knight"

Here come the "knight" puns! Unfortunately, "Black of Knight" makes almost no sense whatsoever, so it's not really a pun and more of a spelling issue.

"Man of Steel: Shadow of the Night"

This one just kind of sounds like a random collection of serious title words, but at least it's a little more complex than the two-word "darkness" examples. Anyway, why is this the one "night" title that doesn't go for the "knight" pun?

"Man of Steel: Knight Falls"

Here's a good title, but it's misleading. It's the name of a well-known Batman storyline that has much more to do with "The Dark Knight Rises" than it does with Superman, who has no relation to that arc.

"Man of Steel: Battle the Knight"

Is there a rule that the title can't contain the words "Superman" and "Batman"? Because "Man of Steel: Battle the Knight" just sounds like there was a challenge put out there to rephrase "Batman Vs. Superman" but without referencing either hero by name. Though this works, we'd rather just have the straightforward title.

"Man of Steel: The Blackest Hour"

While it's not great, this seems to be the least of all evils. Nothing is falling. No one is battling. There's no mention of darkness. If they want to go vague and serious, this title could actually reflect the story without just sounding like a dark movie title mad lib.

"Man of Steel: The Darkness, Blackest Knight Has Fallen Within" opens in theaters on July 17, 2015.