Lady Gaga Wears A Wedding Diaper And Gets Covered In Dirt For ‘Artpop’ Video

Gaga busts out all the over-the-top ARTPOP looks she's rocked so far in the video for album's title track.

Lady Gaga’s closet probably looks like a costume warehouse on a Hollywood movie lot. Sure, there might be a little black dress in it, but if there is, it probably hangs next to hot pants made out of yak hair, a fruit roll-up tankini and an oversized silver jacket with TVs in the lapels.

We haven’t seen those outfits yet, but in the video for the title track from Gaga’s #1 debuting ARTPOP, Gaga busts out almost all the insane looks she’s sported so far in promoting her album, plus some new ones that will blow your mind.

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