'Arrow': Everything You Missed On 'State vs. Queen'

Count Vertigo isn't the only returning villain this episode.

"State v. Queen" opens with a flashback to last season's finale: Moira Queen's televised confession mere moments before the complete and utter destruction of the Glades. As the Iron Heights security guards watch Moira from the control room, Count Vertigo's jail cell is miraculously broken open by Malcolm Merlyn's drill machine.

The rest of "State v. Queen" continues to focus on these two characters as Vertigo begins dosing random Starling City citizens with his drug during the events of Moira Queen's trial. Here are all the biggest highlights from this week's "Arrow":

The Drug Prince of Crime

The return of Count Vertigo provides us with even more evidence that the Count is to Arrow as the Joker is to Batman. After being injected with an insane amount of Vertigo in his first appearance, clearly the Count has gone off the deep end with no one to blame but the vigilante of Starling City. In this week's episode, we even get a scene very similar to one in "The Dark Knight" where the Joker videotapes one of his hostages and then kills him on live television.

Moira's Secret

It's been referenced and hinted at a few times so far this season, but it wasn't until now that we know the whole truth about Moira and Malcolm Merlyn's relationship. The fact that Moira cheated on Robert Queen with Malcolm is hardly surprising, given the fact that Malcolm seems to have a soft spot for her. Also, Thea totally alluded to something between the two of them late last season.

Laurel's Still A Hot Mess

Acting as prosecutor in the trial against her ex-boyfriend's mother, Laurel has been all sorts of confused this season. This week's episode pushes her even further over the edge, losing an important case that seemed like a very simple victory. However, what she doesn't know is that Malcolm Merlyn is to blame for the jury acquitting Moira of all charges.

The Mysterious Arrowhead

In this week's flashback, Doctor Ivo brings Oliver back to the island of Lian Yu in order to find an arrowhead of great significance. After accidentally reuniting him with Slade and Shado, Oliver (who also takes the liberty of rescuing Sarah Lance) discovers that the arrowhead contains the coordinates to the hidden Chinese submarine we've been hearing so much about.

Saving Felicity

Last week we realized that there was something special going on between Oliver and Felicity. This week, we have direct confirmation. When Felicity foolishly puts her life on the line and gets herself captured by Count Vertigo, Oliver is forced to kill once again in order to protect the woman that he cares for.

The Enemy Of My Enemy

"State v. Queen" does an amazing job of connecting the various villains of Starling City. In the prologue, we see Count Vertigo releasing the Doll Maker from his jail cell. He went on to appear in an episode earlier this season. Later, it's revealed that Brother Blood had contracted Vertigo to combat the vigilante. What else does Brother Blood have up his sleeve?

What A Twist

Fresh off the heels of the revelation that Moira and Malcolm had been intimate with each other, in the final minutes of "State v. Queen" it's also revealed that Malcolm Merlyn is not only still alive but also the biological father of Thea Queen. What does Malcolm's return mean for the rest of Starling City? How will Thea react to Malcolm being her true father, if and when she's told?