Wild Cub Brings 'Youth' To Artist To Watch Live

The band plays MTV Hive's Artist To Watch Live event Friday.

Wild Cub may have dropped their debut LP, Youth,back in 2012, but come 2014, that album will premiere big-time, as the band has signed to Mom+Pop and plans to re-issue the record come January. The experience, to put it lightly, has been illuminating for the band.

"Doing a deal with a record label is both exciting and terrifying at the same time," lead singer Keegan DeWitt told MTV News. "How we've done it over the past years has been so close-knit in terms of the family....And so as we were talking to people, it was a little bit scary. We went to places where it took like 30 minutes and two different lobbies and sets of elevators just to get inside."

DeWitt and his bandmates formed Wild Cub in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2012 — after the musician and composer moved South from Brooklyn a few years before that. Youth was written soon after the singer got married and turned 30 — when he was going through a "transition" where he was "trying to understand what's valuable and what isn't," he told MTV Hive.

"What's so compelling about youth is that it's this giant waiting room where everyone is bouncing off the walls and exploring different things," he said. "The moments that actually stick are passing ones, like sleeping in with a friend until 10 in the morning [or] getting lost while driving and spending the night trying to find your way.

Youth is an album replete with those kinds of moments — snippets of life that listeners can seize on and use to recall their own experiences — rather than full stories.

Now, DeWitt hopes, those moments will be shared with a wider audience when the re-issue of the record — complete with some new tracks — drops on January 21.

"Whenever we signed the deal, I was really glad that we did because it guaranteed that we succeeded in one thing that we wanted to do, which was have people experience the record and then the record live somewhere out there," he said. "So the thought that people are going to get to do that on a really broad scale is really exciting."

You'll be able to check out jams from Youth on Friday (November 22) when the band takes the stage at MTV Hive's Artist To Watch Live event on 8 p.m. EST. It will be streaming live at MTVHive.com.