David Blaine's 'Real Or Magic' Special: Five Burning Questions Totally Unrelated To Magic

Why is he hanging out with Kanye West? And can he conjure a 'Breaking Bad' reunion?

Whether you believe in magic or not, David Blaine's "Real or Magic?" special on Tuesday night had some pretty enchanted moments.

Sure, that bit where he pulled a crocodile out of Katy Perry's purse wasn't entirely convincing, but in a special that included cameos from George W. Bush, Emmy Rossum, Jason Sudeikis, Olivia Wilde, Harrison Ford, Robert DeNiro, Jamie Foxx and Jon Stewart, one thing is clear: Blaine's magical powers are second only to his talent booker.

Why Does Woody Have A Woody?

But the weirdest segment was one where the deadpan Houdini shoved an icepick through his hand to the horror of a smiling Kanye West and Woody Harrelson, who were hanging out together for reasons even magic can't explain. At one point, Woody is so grossed out by Blaine's magical feat he inexplicably says "Man, I lost my erection entirely." We had no idea Woody so was into magic.

Can Blaine Make 'Breaking Bad' Magically Reappear?

During the icepick bit, "Breaking Bad" stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are seen freaking out about the trick, with both covering their mouths and yelling "oooohhhh." "No wayyyyy!!" Paul yells, "Oh you! That is through your hand!" Both men seem sufficiently impressed that it makes you wish Blaine could pull off the ultimate trick and bring "Breaking Bad" back from the dead.

What's Really In Katy's Bag?

At one point, Blaine pulls a crocodile out of Katy Perry's tiny leather purse and she legit freaks out. "That wasn't in my purse!" she squeals. Blaine later reveals that there never was anything in Katy's bag, which we know to be untrue — Katy admittedly carries around locks of Taylor and Miley's hair, presumably to give her magical powers or to really freak out John Mayer.

Is Grossing Out Macklemore Now Considered Magic?

Over the past year, Macklemore has pulled off some amazing feats, but watching Blaine pull floss through his nose and out of his eye seemed to gross the rapper out completely. He was speechless at the parlor trick that upped the ick factor on the show to 20.

Who Is Real The King Of Magic?

Can David Blaine's next special involve a magic-off between him and "Mindfreak" Criss Angel? Whoever can make them both disappear, wins.