Watch Christina Aguilera 'Say Something' (And Cry) With A Great Big World

A stripped down Aguilera sheds tears in the band's first big-budget video about love lost.

A Great Big World have come a long way in just two weeks. After debuting their duet "Say Something" with coach Christina Aguilera on "The Voice," the relatively obscure duo made a splash performing at the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and have now released their first music video featuring the pop diva.

With bandmates Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino on a piano, the somber clip about love lost features Aguilera in a minimalistic black dress and natural make-up, reminiscent of her "Beautiful" days.

The harmonies are further accentuated with a spotlight on three stories: one of a young, disconnected couple on the rocks; a child hiding under her bed as her parents fight; and an elderly couple in a hospital bed as the husband says goodbye to his late love.

In a rare moment, Xtina breaks down on camera as the hook, "Say something, I'm giving up on you" crescendos, exposing a tender side to the singer that we haven't seen since her album Stripped.

"We learned where she is in her life," Vaccarino told MTV News. "And that she only wants to take on projects that inspire her," Axel added.

Aguilera was clearly inspired by the song, reaching out to the band herself and asking them to duet. It was also her idea they perform on her hit reality competition show.

"We got this beautiful email from Christina saying how she didn't want to take over the song at all. She wanted to let it be in the space that it was already in; she just wanted to add this texture," Vaccarino revealed.

The song, which was inspired by some "pretty bad heartbreak," has struck a chord with audiences soaring to #1 on the iTunes pop and digital charts, and the video is likely to do the same.