Lady Gaga Gets Real About R. Kelly Video: 'Y'all Aren't Ready'

'Do What U Want' vid, tour and more music are on the way for Gaga. MTV News takes a look at what she has planned.

Lady Gaga just notched another #1 album with ARTPOP. So, how does she plan on following up?

With a tour, new music and a video that "y'all aren't ready for."

With so much going on in the Mother Monster's life, MTV News spoke to some of her closest confidants to get the scoop on those projects.


After having to cancel her Born This Way tour back in February to undergo hip surgery, Gaga is poised to once again hit the road. She's already locked down four dates next March and April. She'll take the stage at Roseland Ballroom before the historic NYC venue closes its doors for good.

More dates have yet to be announced.

For fans who attended her NYC artRave on November 10, or watched the televised special on Tuesday night on the CW, they got a pretty good idea of what her ARTPOP tour is going to look like.

"Oh my darling monsters, you will years from now know how important the artRave really was," she tweeted. "I can't wait to turn it into a tour!"

That sentiment was mirrored by her producer, DJ White Shadow, who revealed that Gaga has been hankering to tour again since recovering from surgery.

"It sucked when she had to cancel the tour, but she's back again and doing her thing and performing again and it's awesome," he said to MTV News. "I think she really, she just missed her fans for that period of time. But I can tell now that she knows she's got this thing done and we're gonna go back out again like she's stoked about it."

New Music

Gaga recorded upwards of 100 tracks for ARTPOP, but only 15 made the release. So, will fans ever get the chance to hear the rest?

"I think some of the stuff might come out on the app, like through the course of the app she might put things out," DJ White Shadow teased. "I've been trying to convince her to give a couple songs away to different artists that I think are cool, that are well written, but are not quite what she does all the time.

"And then, yeah, she's going to write another record. Some of that material is to be worked on; it just didn't fit this time."

But, that's not all! There's also her upcoming jazz duets album with Tony Bennett, who she has collaborated with in the past.

"They're all big swinging albums, big jazz albums. We got the best jazz albums in America, jazz artists in America to make an album with her," Bennett told us about the release, slated to arrive in 2014. "She's very talented."

Her Next Music Video

After Gaga and R. Kelly had fake sex during "Do What U Want" on "Saturday Night Live," the two are likely to step up their game even more when they drop the Terry Richardson-directed video for the track in the upcoming future.

"Me and R. Kelly in the video? We have really great chemistry," Gaga told MTV News earlier this month about the visual and teased even more details about it on Twitter late Tuesday.

"Many interviewers quelped today about my 'SHOCKING' performance w/ R Kelly on SNL I'm beginning to think y'all aren't ready for the video," she wrote. No word on if that means he'll be wearing the glove bikini this time.