Kanye West's Brain Melts In This David Blaine Ice Pick Stunt

'Ye assisted the magician on his 'Real or Magic?' special.

Kanye West has been making a lot of press appearances around his Yeezus record and accompanying tour, but none so out-there as his stint on David Blaine's ABC special David Blaine: Real or Magic? Tuesday night.

Blaine, like the truly creeptastic showman that he is, thoroughly skeeved out a bunch of famous people — like Will Smith and Woody Harrelson — by jamming an ice pick through his hand and then asking said famous people to pull it out again.

While the majority of the celebs reacted in cringing, hand-flapping horror to the stunt — see Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul — 'Ye stayed cool, smiling and chuckling as he pulled the sharp implement from the musician's hand. Perhaps he just went to his "happy place" — which we're guessing is some iteration of the tranquil scenes in his "Bound 2" video?

This isn't the first time Blaine has enlisted a musician to inflict physical pain on his person; in 2012, the magician executed a stunt called "Electrified" in which he spent three days and three nights being electrocuted by the likes of Andrew W.K., who doled out shocks via a mini keyboard hooked up to Tesla coils.