Britney Spears Marks Her Territory In First Look At 'Perfume' Video

She said 'I want it all over you,' and it looks like she's doing a good job.

On her latest Britney Jean single, "Perfume," Britney Spears had a potent message for a not-so-faithful boyfriend: "I put on my perfume/ I want it all over you/ I gotta mark my territory ... I hope she smells my perfume."

Well, if she keeps doing what she's doing in the just-released photo from the "Perfume" video, there's no chance that other woman won't smell it all over him.

On Tuesday (November 19), Britney released a set photo of her — or, at least a blonde we assume is her — marking her territory on a rugged man as they embrace each other on an abandoned dirt road (as people do).

And if all that affection isn't quite intimate enough for you, you can enter for a chance to win front-row seats to her "Britney: Piece of Me" Las Vegas residency through "MTV Presents: Up Close and Personal With Britney Jean." Enter at to win a trip to Vegas for two.

"From the beginning of my career, MTV has always brought me together with my fans," Spears said. "This is another really cool way and I can't wait to see the winner at the front row of my show."