Watch Danny Trejo Kill Justin Bieber In ‘Machete Kills Again… In Space’

'PYD' singer stars as a C3PO-meets-R2-D2 hybrid named Bleep in the campy preview.

Is Justin Bieber making his acting debut in a “Machete Kills” sequel? Well, no, but a robotic version of him is.

The mock trailer for “Machete Kills Again… In Space” goes the “Gravity” route, taking Robert Rodriguez’s campy characters to — you guessed it — space. The trailer, which debuted last month in theaters alongside “Machete Kills,” is decidedly “Star Wars”-esque, even (stunt) casting the “PYD” singer as a C3PO-meets-R2-D2 hybrid called “Bleep.” Needless to say, Machete doesn’t take kindly to him.

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