Kanye's 'Bound 2': 5 Postcards From Kimye's Naked Road Trip

MTV News reimagines the video through scenic postcards.

Kanye West goes on what looks like a pretty sweet vacation in his "Bound 2" video, which features Ye and future wife Kim Kardashian taking a naked roadtrip through Yosemite National Park. Their picturesque romp had us wondering: What kind of postcards would the duo send home to family and friends?

The newly minted Nick Knight clip is replete with lovely images, courtesy of, it seems, a timelapse video project titled "Project Yosemite": galloping horses, rushing brooks, majestic vistas, soaring eagles, the list goes on. Knight cut footage of Kimye cavorting on a motorcycle into that serene backdrop, creating a moving equivalent of one of those mall photo studio deals.

The landscape is serene, standing in a kind of contrast to Ye's tempestuous Charlie Wilson-featuring love(?) song.