After 'World's End': Simon Pegg And Nick Frost Tease What's Next

Despite what the title may make you think, the co-stars say they'll 'definitely' work together again.

You're free to do what you want, any old time, and Simon Pegg wants you to remember that. In "The World's End," the final installment of the "Three Flavors Cornetto" trilogy, that line serves as a rallying cry for the group of old friends whose pub crawl turns into a battle to save the world.

And "I'm Free" by the Soup Dragons is sort of like their anthem. It makes its first appearance in the film when Pegg's character, Gary, pops an old mixed tape into his ancient car's tape deck. Pegg told MTV News that there is an actual tape that inspired that moment. "I have a box with some cassettes in it, and I know there's a cassette in there from my 19th birthday ... which was when they did the original pub crawl was 19."

The song pops up throughout the movie, and is just one of the many Easter eggs and nods to the previous installments woven into the film.

"We just try and fill the film with stuff, you know, so that people when they watch it second or third or fourth time can get more from it, and you know we try to make a sort of hearty meal of a thing," Simon Pegg told MTV News. "The World's End" is now out on DVD and Blu-ray.

While the Blu-ray release has lots to enjoy — including "Signs & Omens," which highlights all of the subtle touches for the less eagle-eyed viewer, and "Stunt Tape," which breaks down all the impressive stunts in the film — fans always want more from Pegg and Frost. When asked what's next for the pair and long-time friend and collaborator Edgar Wright, Pegg was hopeful but had no firm answers.

"I can't imagine a career without working with Nick or Edgar," he said. "So, I mean, yeah we'll definitely do something again and I hope it happens soon because these days it's our one chance to kind of hang out for long periods of time ... it will be something new."

"There's gotta be a big-budget Laurel and Hardy biopic on the horizon, right?" Frost quipped. "Who else could do it?"