'Guardians Of The Galaxy' To Finally Answer How Superheroes Go To The Bathroom

Zoe Saldana is excited to finally have a superhero movie with 'cojones.'

Amid all of the discussion about how to describe "Guardians of the Galaxy," the second of Marvel's 2014 efforts, different genres get tossed around. Is it sci-fi? Is it fantasy? Is it even a superhero movie? But leave it to one of the film's stars, Zoe Saldana, to make things easy for everyone.

In her recent interview with MTV News, Saldana called "Guardians of the Galaxy" "a new way to view superheroes."

The James Gunn-directed flick, which follows a band of outlaws, finished filming not long ago, and the unexpected nature of the heroes has Saldana pumped.

"I love, sometimes, the consistency of what the classics have left behind, but I need innovation. You can only have so much of 'I'll save you,' " she said. "After a while, it's like, 'Oh god. Does he go to the bathroom? Is he hungry? Does he cry? Does he feel?' Not only do we cover that, but we're making heroes out of thieves, and they're Robin Hoods. These characters are absolutely amazing, and they have a full-blown redemption."

But the surprising aspects of the project don't end with a talking tree or a gun-toting raccoon. The cast is made up of actors, many of whom aren't known for leading blockbusters, but that just adds to the thrill of "Guardians of the Galaxy," in Saldana's eyes.

"To be able sink your teeth into such meaty characters and to be part of such a story that is very unique and obviously has everything that I love," she said. "It has space. It has a kooky director. It literally has cojones. It has amazing actors that you would have never thought to put them together. Somehow, we're all here giving 150 percent and loving the story that we're doing."

But will any of this result in the kind of box office success that Marvel Studios is known for? That remains to be seen, but Saldana has confidence (but not too much confidence) that the work they did over the summer in London can mean great things.

"I never like to shoot myself in the foot to seem that confident that I may come across as arrogant, but I'm rooting for it a great deal because it was amazing. What we shot and what we left on the screen there were pretty amazing things," she said. "I have a feeling that James is going to capture them beautifully. I'm happy to have worked with someone like James because not every day do you meet somebody that is absolutely who they are and you cannot compare them to anybody else. There is only going to be one James Gunn, and I like that."