Every Single Cameo In Bob Dylan's Insane 'Like A Rolling Stone' Video

After a 48 year wait, the interactive clip lets viewers flip though 16 channels of lip synching greatness.

Quick, what do Danny Brown, "The Price is Right" host Drew Carey, comedian Marc Maron and the Property Brothers have in common? Well, nothing, except they all appear in the new interactive video for rock icon Bob Dylan's classic "Like a Rolling Stone."

The Rock hall of famer's 48-year-old folk tune has never had a video, until now. And instead of just digging up some old footage of Dylan performing the song that famously asks, "How does it feel?" director Vania Heymann decided to create a Dylan cable network with 16 channels of mindless entertainment.

Users can flip through the stations to pick their favorite Dylan karaoke singer, from animated cuties, to ESPN hosts, reality TV stars and, yes, even archival footage of a young Dylan performing the song back in 1966. The clip debuted on BobDylan.com and is part of the roll-out of the 47-disc box set, The Complete Album Collection Volume 1.

In case you don't have time to click through all the hidden greatness, here's a breakdown of the pop culture references in the video:

» Drew Carey — "The Price is Right" host Carey just carries on doing his host thing, singing the song's lyrics as he ushers contestants in and out of games and letting one, Bill, take the mic while spins the big wheel for cash and prizes.

» Marc Maron — On the WTFC network, the acerbic comedian turns his famed podcast into a karaoke tirade against his smiling guest, who sits uncomfortably as Maron states, "You're invisible now, you've got no secrets to conceal."

» Sports Time — Real ESPN host Steve Levy anchors the fake ESPN's Pan-Asia tennis tournament coverage, offering his expert commentary on the match between Diovesky and Plotnivich.

» TTC — The phony reality "Real Housewives"-style show, "Bachelor's Roses" finds some finger-waving divas acting out the song's lyrics.

» Property Brothers — How ironic that Drew and twin brother Jonathan are trying to sell a couple on a house with $4,000 countertops to a song with a lyric about how, "Nobody has ever taught you how to live on the street."

» Music Classics 1 — With a logo not unlike VH1 Classic, this station just plays some vintage footage of Dylan singing the song back in the late 1960s.

» Music 1 Bass — Rapper Danny Brown rolls down the street chowing on a series of lunches as he recites the lyrics about "scrounging for your next meal," chomping into a sandwich during the song's iconic harmonica fade out.

» Pawn stars — Rick Harrison and Chumlee take a look at some vintage guitars as Dylan strums in the background.

» Channel 130: Girl Code — The girls of 'Girl Code' make an appearance on 'LookTV', which is cool, but not nearly as hilarious as 'Girl Code', of course.

Catch any that we missed? Let us know in the comments!