Justin Bieber Loves One Direction's New Jam After Album Leak: 'Well Done Boyzzzzzz'

1D address leak of November 25 album release while Biebs shares love.

Alert the authorities: One Direction has leaked! The album, Midnight Memories, hit the 'net one week earlier than its intended November 25 album release.

The guys are pretty bummed that the album leaked ahead of schedule.

"It is annoying because there's this big build-up and it affects sales," Liam Payne reportedly told Digital Spy, adding, "We really want a #1, so we're just kind of hoping for the best now. Hopefully people go out and buy it ... It happens these days all the time. There are some very clever people out there. You're buggers!"

Groupmate Louis Tomlinson added that the leak is "just frustrating when you work so hard on an album and you kind of want everyone to hear it at the same time. Some select fans won't listen to it until it's out, which is great. But there are others who obviously can't help themselves."

Fans have already been treated to two singles which show the emotional range of the album, including the celebratory party jam, "Best Song Ever," as well as the darker, folk-style ballad, "Story of My Life."

"It's just nice to have an impact," Harry Styles told the site. "If there was an album I liked and I could listen to it a week before, I probably would. It's just nice to have that moment where it builds up to, 'Now it's out and everyone can listen to it'."

Regardless of the leak, one of the tracks, the upbeat "Diana," is getting some love from one of the world's most famous Directioners, Justin Bieber.

"That new 1d song diana is well written well done boyzzzzzz," Bieber tweeted about the track, which was made available on iTunes for fans who pre-ordered the album.