Chris Brown Invites Busta Rhymes And Ludacris To Investigate His 'X Files'

Six-song mixtape dropped on Tuesday morning (November 19).

Chris Brown's X album still doesn't have an official release date, but Breezy gave fans a stopgap EP on Tuesday (November 19) when he dropped the six-song X Files mixtape. While Brown doesn't seem to directly address his recent legal problems, most of the songs feature lyrics about serious girl drama, including a lethal love affair in "Sweet Caroline."

With guest spots from Busta Rhymes, Ludacris and Kid Ink, the mixtape opens with the chilled-out ballad "War For You," in which Brown promises to go to battle for his woman and be a warrior for her. "I'mma make sure you're safe with me/I be smokin' that Cali/Baby me and you can fly," he sings over a spare keyboard bubble.

The pace picks up a bit on "Waiting," which rides a chilled-out beat and sonar beeps for the song about a girl who keeps him hanging on. "You're a star now, all up on TV," he sings. "I made you famous 'cause I put you in the street/Back and forth with the games/Girl you played me."

A cartoon Brown is depicted wearing a white straitjacket, arms crossed over his belly, with a giant black X behind him on the cover art for the release, which comes just weeks after the singer spent a night in jail
 in Washington, D.C., following an early morning arrest on assault charges. The singer then spent just over two weeks in a California rehab facility
, where he was reportedly dealing with anger management issues

Busta drops by for some of his patented speedy, elastic rhyming on "Sweet Caroline," which, in case you were wondering, is not a cover of the Neil Diamond classic. Instead, it's a trippy tune about a girl who packs a deadly heart ("Feels like you shot me with a 38 over 45/My heart's bleeding baby") and a dangerous love that comes over like narcotics. "Eyes start rolling in the back of my head,' Brown sings over the drum machine and bass thrum track, "Girl I'm fading away/Girl your drug is automatic."

"Love 2 Remember" is another between-the-sheets low boil, this one about trying to make peace with a fired-up lover who swears her man is running around behind her back. "Why do we argue, why do we scream?/ I wish it was better, I don't want you to leave," Brown pleads.

Luda drops by for a callback to his hit "What's Your Fantasy" on the skittering "Fantasy 2," a track about how far Brown will go to make his lady's bedroom dreams come true. "Girl it's a dream but you're not asleep/ Tonight I'm making history," he promises.

The final selection is the only (relatively) uptempo one, the swaggering "Main Chick," featuring rocketshipshawty Kid Ink. That one finds both Brown and Ink promising to be a better man than the one their woman has now. "Girl, I know you wanna be my main chick/My main chick," Brown sings. "I say f--- whoever you came with."

At press time it was still unknown when Brown's X album will officially be released.