Monty Python Is Back: Watch Their Best Live Sketches

From Dead Parrot to spilling Graham Chapman's ashes.

Though it won’t be officially announced until later today, the word is out: classic sketch comedy troupe Monty Python is back for the first time in30 years. The group, comprised of John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, Eric Idle and Michael Palin (along with Graham Chapman, who passed away in 1989) were the Beatles of comedy, spawning multiple movies and decades of non-stop quoting by nerds.

The exact details will be announced later, rumored to be a one-off or comedy tour with the group performing their best sketches. But with most of the current fanbase having never had the opportunity to see Python live, other than a brief reunion show in 1998, we thought we’d revisit some of the best live Python sketches of all time:

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