'Catching Fire' Premiere: 7 Things You Didn't See

Where did Jennifer Lawrence go after the screening? MTV News had eyes and ears inside the event on Monday night.

You may have seen Lenny Kravitz's silver, space-age shoes — and you definitely saw Jennifer Lawrence's gorgeous gams in her ultra-sheer Christian Dior Haute Couture gown — but there was plenty of action at "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" Los Angeles premiere that the cameras missed.

And while MTV News brought you straight to the red carpet with Monday's live stream, we also had eyes and ears on the red carpet, inside the screening and at the after-party to bring you all the behind-the-scenes goodies. Behold: here are the seven things you didn't see at the "Catching Fire" premiere.

Mags Was A Hit

Her screen time might be limited, but 69-year-old actress Lynn Cohen made her presence known on the red carpet. Sporting a purple frock and with her granddaughter Kit on her arm, the actress received deafening cheers from fans. With a megawatt grin plastered on her face, Cohen confessed to MTV News that it was her granddaughter who convinced her to take on the role. "We were in Tuscany and she was reading 'The Hunger Games,' and she said, 'Grandma, you should play Mags,'" she said. "So I called my agent and I got the part."

Sam Claflin Has A Thing For Katniss

Well first of all, who doesn't — but Sam Claflin earned big laughs from the paparazzi pit when he struck a pose in front of a Katniss Everdeen poster, turning around and pretending to make out with the heroine. He quickly composed himself, flashing his pearly whites and making nice with the press corps.

If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say...

It's a harsh reality for any starlet who's walked a red carpet — what should be the most glamorous moment in a young lady's life is often plagued by strung-out paps who will scream anything and everything to get the perfect shot. One such photographer was escorted off the premises after shouting some unsavory words at Primrose actress Willow Shields. (Seriously, though — she's 13.)

Lenny Kravitz And Josh Hutcherson Are Buddies

The unlikely duo appeared very excited to be reunited on the red carpet, embracing each other in a solid bear hug before posing for pictures together. Now there's a collaboration we would love to see more of.

JLaw Kept Us Waiting (In A Good Way)

The red carpet went eerily quiet in the moments before Lawrence's arrival — after Hemsworth, Hutcherson and the majority of the cast had already made their grand entrances. Suddenly, without warning, Lawrence (and her legs) made their way out of her towncar and onto the carpet. With her: a tidal wave of handlers, guests and gawkers hot on her heels.

No Rest For The Stars

While Claflin held court at the premiere after-party, Lawrence and her leading men were nowhere to be found. Turns out, the trio headed out to New York City on a red eye just as soon as the screening had ended. Hey, their media tour awaits.

Strike A Pose

Among the stars who were at the post-screening soiree was Shields, who snapped pics with pals in a photo booth and signed autographs for young fans. Press-shy author Suzanne Collins also appeared to be enjoying herself, snapping pictures with quite a few fans at the party. Earlier that night, director Lawrence declared that, "Without her amazing stories, none of us would be here tonight."