Ariana Grande's 'Last Christmas' Gets 'Bad Bitch' Treatment

Grande dropped her cover of Wham!'s 1984 holiday classic with a twist.

Ariana Grande isn't just covering the holiday classic, "Last Christmas," she's putting her own spin on the Wham! track.

With production from Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds and The Rascals, Ariana took the bones of the 1984 track and added some new millennium swag, changing up the lyrics to the verses to feel more personal to her. "I hate that I remember/ I wish I could forget/ What you did last December/ You left my heart a mess/ Boy, you blew it/ How could you do it," she tells her one-time holiday paramour.

Later on the updated bridge, she pines, "How could you leave Christmas morning?/ You broke my heart with no warning/ Boy, you blew it/ How could you do it?"

Shortly after it dropped, her fans immediately declared the track "perfect," and that Grande's soaring vocals "are on point." It was that kind of warm response, including a choice comment from manager Scooter Braun, that left Grande "smiling."

"Last Christmas" is the first track in a holiday-themed rollout during which the Nick star will drop both originals and covers every Tuesday leading to Christmas, starting on November 19.

So, what inspired her take on "Last Christmas"?

"Well, I love it. It feels good," Grande told MTV News about the track earlier this month. "But it has a melancholy lyric, so I like that, it's interesting and it seems to be one of the favorites that everyone loves and we put a really fun twist on it. We took the chorus and then we rewrote the verses and all that stuff, very excited."