Kanye Takes Kim For A Naked Motorcycle Ride In 'Bound 2' Video

Couple take romantic drive through the Arizona desert in the latest Yeezus clip.

Kanye West is a very busy man. But in between comparing his life to "12 Years a Slave"

, hanging out Harvard design students

and re-booting his Yeezus tour, 'Ye seems to have carved out a bit of time to take a (virtual) road trip with fiancée Kim Kardashian to film his latest video.

The official reveal of "Bound 2" will happen today on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show," but the clip is already up on the show's site and ... it's a trip. At the outset, "Bound" looks a bit like a Coors beer commercial, with super-saturated shots of the desert, rolling clouds, raging rivers, soaring eagles and majestic white horses galloping through a stream.

Kanye doesn't even show up until almost one minute in and when he does he's dressed for the trip, with not one, but two flannel shirts. By the time he hops on his motorcycle (in front of a green screen image of snow-capped mountains), he's rocking a totally laid-back ensemble highlighted by a ripped-up tie-dye t-shirt and jeans. At first Kardashian is seen only in silhouette, posing seductively on Ye's ride in what looks like spiked-heel boots and not much else.

The Nick Knight-directed clip is a love-letter to Kim, who is filmed in front of beautiful fall foliage settings, her make-up perfect and shiny hair blowing in the wind in what looks like a high-end shampoo commercial. As Kanye raps in the songs, "How you gonna be mad on vacation?"

Kimye's (NSFW) 'Bound 2' Guide To Bored Motorcycle Sex ... In GIFs!

Especially when the video hits the half-way point and a topless Kim turns around and faces Kanye on the cycle as they continue their bumpy ride through the dusty Arizona scenery. 'Ye looks directly into Kim's eyes when he drops the lines about what he wants for Christmas (sorry, dude, it doesn't seem like there's room for another body on that ride) and she hugs him lovingly as he gets into his no-hands-on-the-handlebars Jesus wept post.