'Catching Fire' Director Reveals How The Series May End

It may have been the premiere for 'Catching Fire,' but we got all the details on 'Mockingjay' from Francis Lawrence.

The wait is almost over! It's been 20 long months since "The Hunger Games" exploded onto movie screens, but "Catching Fire" is just around the corner.

MTV News' Josh Horowitz was on the red carpet of the Los Angeles premiere Monday night to chat with the cast, all of whom were dressed to the nines and fit for a Capitol ball. And while we had some time with all the major players in the movie, our night at the "Catching Fire" premiere wouldn't have been complete without a chat with the man behind the camera, director Francis Lawrence.

"My family is here, so it's the first time my kids are seeing one of my movies, which is really exciting," the "I Am Legend" filmmaker said before giving us details about the pivotal, heart-stopping sequence set in District 11 that fans have been waiting for.

When we asked Lawrence about the memorable moment, he confirmed that it's going to be as moving on the screen as it was on the page. "It's my favorite scene in the movie," Lawrence said, which, he revealed, they shot as a master for maximum emotional effect. "It was maybe three or four weeks into shooting. It's the first stop on Katniss' victory tour and it's Rue's district and it's a huge turning point in the movie as the stakes ratchet up and you start to understand what's happening in the world of Panem."

And it sounds like audiences won't be the first people to be rattled by the sequence. Lawrence recounted that the shoot "really shook everybody. It shook the actors, and the crew for sure. And you could tell it was going to work."

While this may have been the premiere for "Catching Fire," that didn't stop us from asking Lawrence to share a little info about the two "Mockingjay" films that will close out the series over the next couple of years. Although "Catching Fire" uses 30 minutes of IMAX footage to awesome effect during the arena scenes, Lawrence informed us that he won't be using it in "Mockingjay," explaining, "We're doing something different because the story is different. We're going for a different kind of feeling."

Production on "Mockingjay" is already underway, and unlike some other recent epics that have been split in two, they're actually shooting the films in order, apart from a few exceptions. ("The very first scene we shot was almost the very last scene of 'Part 2,'" he revealed.)

And while he said the exact point where they will divide the two films is still being "bounced around," he was a bit more definitive when we asked how the series might end.

"A very small, minimal scene of Katniss hunting," he revealed.

While the wait for "Catching Fire" will finally come to an end when the sequel burns through theaters this weekend, the wait for "Mockingjay" is just getting started.