50 Cent And Ja Rule Board A Plane: What Happens Next?

After Ja Rule tweeted that he and Fif ended up on the same flight, we imagine what transpired between the two.

There was a time when putting 50 Cent and Ja Rule in the same room would surely result in violence, but it seems time has healed the wounds from one of the biggest beefs hip-hop has ever seen.

We're short on details, but according to Rule, he and Fif were in very close quarters recently and no one got hurt. "What are the chances me and 50 same flight same row no problems!!! #Grownmansh--," Ja tweeted on Monday morning (November 18).

No word on where the fight was headed or how close the two rappers actually sat, but that didn't stop our minds from imagining how the two spent their time.

Why Yes, Fif, I'd Love To Try Your #SMS Headphones

There are so many in-flight entertainment options these days, but unless you've packed a decent pair of headphones, you may be out of luck. If Ja found himself in an audio jam, we're sure Fif would extend the olive branch with a pair of his Street by 50 SMS Audio headphones.

Cook Up A Collaboration

If 50 and Ja collaborated on a single, you would listen, wouldn't you? So would we. Jay Z and Nas drove the rap world nuts when they buried the hatchet and decided to work together, so why can't G-Unit and Murder Inc?

From Hollis To Hollywood

The two former foes have more in common than most folks account for. Both rose out of the hard streets of Queens, New York in the early aughts and enjoyed multiplatinum rap success, but 50 and Rule also share a passion for the big screen, each having starred in a number of films. Imagine if Rule watched Fif's breakout role as Marcus in 2005's "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" and 50 viewed Ja's latest "I'm In Love With a Church Girl." Hey, it could happen.

Debate All The Controversy Surrounding New York's Hip-Hop Scene

Trinidad James got everyone talking last week when he said that Atlanta "runs" NY musically. Surely both 50 and Ja remember a time when NY MCs sat at the top of rap's food chain. Imagine what that discussion would be like.