Justin Bieber's 'PYD,' As Nasty As He Wants To Be

How does the latest Music Mondays track line up with Bieber's squeaky-clean early hits like 'Baby' and 'U Smile?'

Back when we first fell in love with Justin Bieber in 2009, he was a sweet YouTube-bred kid from Canada who promised things like, "You are my love, you are my heart/ And we will never ever ever be apart," on his breakthrough single, "Baby." His full-length debut, 2010's My World 2.0, was packed with a lot more of that sweet sentiment, endless love and pubescent heartbreak.

Oh, the wonderful places he's been (and is going). Take, for instance, the Biebs' latest "Music Mondays" single, the mirror-fogging raunch-fest "PYD,"
on which he shares sex boasts with none other than the Pied Piper of bedroom boasting, R. Kelly. Sure, it makes sense that "PYD" takes 19-year-old Bieber to all new highs (or is it lows?) when it comes to grown-man pick-up lines, but it's a far cry from the love-sick JB we met at 15.

So we took a look back at a few songs from 2.0 to see how they match up against the acrobatic sex swagger on "PYD."

Justin's Gonna Put It Where?

"PYD": "I'mma put you down/ PYD PYD PYD/ All the way down."

"U Smile": "I'd wait on you forever and a day/ Hand and foot/ Your world is my world."

Bieber Goes From Hugs And Kisses To The Kitchen Counter

"PYD": From the door to the wall/ Coffee table girl get ready ... From the stove to the countertop, dining room table, you ready?"

"Never Let You Go": "Before they outlaw the kiss/ Baby, give me one last hug."

Justin Will Give You, Like, Everything

"PYD": "Ooh, 'cause you deserve the best and nothing but the best/ So, I give you the best you ever had."

"Somebody to Love": "And you can have it all/ Anything you want, I can bring/ Give you the finer things."

Justin Goes Up, Then He Goes All The Way Down

"PYD": Up the stairs to my bedroom, light a few candles brace yourself/I'mma put you down, all the way down/On a plane, a train, an automobile doesn't matter/I'mma put you down, all the way down."

"Up": "Baby, we can't got nowhere but up/ Tell me, what we've got to fear/ We'll take it to the sky, past the moon to the galaxy."