Lea Michele Sneaks A Peek At New Video, But Why So Serious?

The 'Glee' actress' next feat? A music video for her upcoming album.

First there was the album cover shoot and now Lea Michele is giving fans a first look at her upcoming music video off her debut album. The "Glee" actress tweeted out several screen grabs from the video's shoot, but hasn't yet confirmed the name of the song.

Using the non-descript hashtag "#MusicVideoShoot," the actress/singer tweeted out two photos of the set as well as two shots of her. While it's pretty unclear what the concept for the video will turn out to be, Michele looks at the camera with a serious (and rather sensual) expression on her face. She called the experience "Truly an incredible day..."

After the video shoot wrapped up late Sunday, the singer was back on the set of her other gig, "Glee." Michele has yet to confirm the details of her debut album, which she first announced in September 2012. She has teased that she worked with songwriter, Sia, on the album.

She confirmed earlier this month that the release will include a song, "You're Mine," about her boyfriend, Cory Monteith, who died in July at the age of 31 from a mixed drug toxicity involving drugs and alcohol.

"The album was done, and the label said, 'Do you want to add anything?' I was like, 'I might regret it if I don't'," she said of the track. "It makes me so happy, this song. It makes me think so much of Cory. It was ours. When I think of him, I play this."