Demi Lovato Gets Flexible In Sexy 'Neon Lights' Catsuit: Must-See Pics

Demi's turning down the lights in teaser stills from upcoming vid.

Demi Lovato turns up the heat and turns down the lights in her upcoming video for "Neon Lights." In several teaser photos (she released them to celebrate 20 million Twitter followers), the 21-year-old singer gets sexy.

One photo features the singer arching her back, rain pouring down on her. Other shots feature the singer bathed in a black light and glow-in-the-dark makeup. The video, the latest off her Demi album from earlier this year, has a late-night rave vibe to it.

If you're wondering how the singer got so flexible for the video, she revealed that her yoga routine has a little something to do with it. Maybe she'll bring those moves out on the road with her. As it turns out, "Neon Lights" isn't just the name of her latest single, but also her tour, which kicks off February 9 in Vancouver.

On Monday (November 18), the singer also sat down with "Good Morning America" to open up about another project, her new book, "Staying Strong," out Tuesday.

"A lot of times my fans asked me, 'You know you helped me get into recovery, or because of you, I went into treatment. You saved my life.' They're incredibly sweet things that I'm very, very grateful for, but the question a lot of people have for me is 'How do you continue to stay strong?' "

The answer can be found in the book, which includes an entire year's worth of quotes and "morning mediations."

"Over the past few years, I've done this thing, a morning meditation, where I read out of a book and it's a quote, a passage and then a goal for the day," she revealed. "So basically what I wanted to do was do that for my fans. And it's really cool and there's quotes in there all the way from Einstein and Aristotle to Nicki Minaj and Tupac. It's crazy."

One of the big mantras in the book is "Hug a bully today." The "X Factor" judge explained why she embraces that idea.

"There was a time where I really resented the people that bullied me in my life and I lived with so much hate that I only ended up making myself sick. At one point, I even reached out to one of the girls that bullied me. I was able to talk to her and clear up any hatred or animosity towards each other," she said. "And I realized that she was going through things at that time that I had no idea about."

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