'The Walking Dead': What You Missed On 'Live Bait'

Or, 'How The Governor Got His Groove Back'.

This week's "The Walking Dead" took us back in time, and showed just what happened to villain The Governor (David Morrissey) after the events of last season. And while we don't know yet how he ended up outside the prison in "Internment," we do get to see Morrissey do his best Angela Bassett with a bunch of zombies in the Taye Diggs role:

Some People Just Like To Watch The World Burn

We get two excellent scenes in a row that would make Beavis proud, as the Governor first sits silently while a Walker slowly approaches him on fire. Later he heads back to Woodbury, burning his former stronghold to the ground. It's a pretty clear theme throughout the episode: he's ashamed of what he did as The Governor, and wants a new start. Except, as we see by the end that might not be totally true.

Family Ties

Part of The Governor's redemption? Getting a new family in the form of what we believe are modified versions of characters from Robert Kirkman's novel, "Rise of the Governor." Though they all initially seem like zombie-bait, one becomes his lover/pseudo-wife, and one takes the place of his dead daughter Penny. The third girl, Tara, is just sort of there. As zombie-bait.

You Can Find Me In The Tub

The old folks home zombies The Gov encounters during a supply mission are plenty sad, but a legless veteran with no face or chest lying in a bathtub takes the prize for "nightmare fodder" from this episode.

On The Nose

Two particularly on the nose pieces of dialogue, from an otherwise stellar episode? The Governor and little Megan/Penny are playing chess (metaphor warning activated), prompting The Governor to say, "You can lose a lot of soldiers, but still win the game." Bad news for the otherwise absent Rick and company, huh? And second, one chaarcter tells the Governor, "Nobody mentioned how boring the end of the world would be." Looks like someone has been watching "The Walking Dead." #seriousburn

Go To Him

An easy mark of how successful this episode was in putting us in the shoes of the otherwise reprehensible Governor? Trapped on the road by a horde of Walkers, Megan hesitates to run to him, as she just had to watch him bash in the head of her undead Grandpa. Finally, she throws down her bag, runs to The Governor, and he holds on to her for dear life. Anyone who doesn't get some conflicted sobs out of that one has less heart than a Walker.

Do You Like Gladiator Movies?

Megan and The Governor run away, only to fall right into a Walker pit. One designed by The Governor himself! He proceeds to rip the brains out of a Walker barehanded, then breaks the top half of one's head with a bone. Hardcore, and just like that, The Governor is back... And then face to face with one of his own lieutenants. Things are only going to get worse from here.

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