Lady Gaga And R. Kelly Simulate Sex On 'Saturday Night Live' Stage

The duo performed 'Do What U Want' and didn't hesitate to include raunchy choreography.

Lady Gaga and R. Kelly laid it all out on the "Saturday Night Live" stage. The two united for a performance of their hit, "Do What U Want," from Gaga's just-released ARTPOP album — scandalous choreography included. Gaga wore a deep-plunging sequined jumpsuit, channeling Michael Jackson as she made crotch-grabs and danced around the stage.

It's when R. Kelly made his entrance that things really started to heat up. Decked in a head-to-toe white suit, Kelly swooped onstage and lifted Gaga up. As each verse switched, so did Gaga and R. Kelly's positions. She bent over with Kells behind her, Miley and Robin Thicke-style. He grazed past body parts and Gaga straddled him.

"Back of the club, taking shots, getting naughty," Kelly sang. "No invitations, it's a private party/ Do what I want, do what I want with your body/ Do what I want, do what I want with your body/ Yeah we taking these haters and we roughin' em up/ And we layin' in the club like we don't give a f---."

Sliding around the stage, at one point Gaga completely laid down and R. Kelly assumed a position on top of her. And then did push-ups. Neither of them seemed to exhibit any signs of performance anxiety.

Later in the night, Mother Monster took do a pink piano to belt out "Gypsy," drawing out the intro in true dramatic flair while repeating "I don't wanna be alone forever." She broke out into the pop-rock jam as the drummer kicked in and her guitarists joined her onstage. Gaga took a guitar and leapt up from the piano bench, forming a line with her bandmates and a shirtless, spandex-wearing dancer to rock out the song's catchy chorus. " 'Cause I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm a gypsy, gypsy, gypsy I'm."