11 Things 5-Year-Old BatKid Did That Will Melt Your Heart And Deflate Your Ego

How did you spend your Friday?

From the tips of the pointy ears atop his black cowl to the Velcro straps on his tennis shoes, 5-year-old Miles was every inch the hero Friday afternoon as he protected the streets of Gotham City (nee San Francisco), greeting admirers and even arresting the villainous Riddler during his day as BatKid.

Through the coordinated efforts of the San Francisco arm of the Make-A-Wish charity, which grants "wishes" to seriously ill children, Miles was able to spend a day as a superhero. Thousands of residents volunteered to help with the day, which the foundation framed as a celebration of the remission of Miles' leukemia. He was diagnosed when he was 18 months old, and ended treatments in June, according to CBS.

The effect of the all-day extravaganza was double-edged: our hearts were warmed (those desktop tissue boxes got quite the workout) and our egos were definitely a little deflated in the face of the kindness of the volunteers and the sweetness of BatKid himself. (The Cute Knight sort of has a ring to it, no?)

While you were doing whatever it was you were doing on Friday, here are 11 amazing and heart-melting things Miles did:

Saved A Damsel In Distress

Saved A Huge Crowd After He Finished His Lunch

Captured The Riddler, Leading To His Indictment

Enlisted His Little Brother To Be Robin

Got Cheered For Taking A Potty Break

United A City And Made The News

Topped The Kimye Proposal As The Most Epic Moment AT&T Park Has Ever Seen

Rescued Giants' Mascot Lou Seal

Made The Front Page

Received A Key To The City

Got A Special Message From President Barack Obama

All in a day's work for BatKid. We repeat: How did you spend your Friday? (Other than crying and refreshing the #SFBatKid hashtag on Twitter, obviously.)