Justin Bieber's 'Believe' Trailer: Get Inside The 5 Most Personal Moments

MTV News gets 'Believe' trailer commentary from Bieber's director, Jon Chu.

Justin Bieber is letting fans inside his world for his latest big-screen blockbuster, "Believe," and he gave fans a giant tease with Friday's (November 15) trailer.

Want a deeper look into what you saw in the trailer, including what made Justin cry? "Believe" director Jon Chu broke down some of the trailer's key moments.

Tissue, Please?

Bieber opens up in the sneak peek, showing off both his goofy side (he jokes around with pal and former swag coach Ryan Good about his love for low-slung pants) and his soft side. Yes, that means he sheds a tear in the preview for the movie.

"I think you'll also get to see him be real. You get to see him be in the most honest moments. And we've built that relationship, through many years now, and so you get to see him when no cameras are around, when no Beliebers are around, when no paparazzi are around and I think you'll get to see a little bit of that when he just talks straight to me," the director explained. "I think you'll see me ask tough questions, you get to see me say certain things about the year and [wonder] 'does he [have] perspective on his life?' "

The Good And The Bad

We also see some theatrical black and white footage of Bieber, dressed up in a suit, running away from the paparazzi. It is a dramatized version of Bieber's own real life and his love/hate relationship with the media. The struggle, as well as a specific scuffle with a London photographer earlier this year, is all there.

"Justin Bieber is a real human being, is someone who loves music, is someone who loves people, is someone who loves kids. Someone who has hard times sometimes, who's growing up, who sometimes fights with people who look over him and sometimes rebels and sometimes is sad and sometimes has to put on a face even when he doesn't want to," Chu explained. "It's worth it for him. This is what he's always wanted to do."

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You Think You Know...

The film takes fans into the studio with Bieber, including the moment when his 2012 single, "Boyfriend," came to life.

"Well, I think the movie evolved. It started as a movie just about making the tour and it became, as he got more involved with his tour and the creation of his tour and the creation of his music, as he was taking control of his empire, we were there with cameras," Chu said. "We got to see him write music on a piece of paper with a pen, which is crazy, which eventually became his hit song 'Boyfriend.' We got to see him make these decisions. I thought that was such a cool place to be. So we wanted to show the audience that you may think you've seen everything about Justin Bieber, guess what? That's not actually everything about Justin Bieber."

The Show Must Go On

Sure, Bieber lets fans into his personal life, but he's also giving them a front-row seat to his Believe tour, which Chu worked on with Bieber and his team. The movie also takes fans inside Bieber's shirtless rehearsals.

"The show is big. I got to actually creatively direct the live show this time, and so you'll see spectacle from being underwater, to having crazy lights and big set pieces and pyro," he said. "[You'll see] that the show is just bigger."

All About The Fans

Peppered in the trailer are shots of his Beliebers filling arenas to see Bieber on his tour, but also moments where he greets them and signs autographs.

"And that is a great holiday film; that ultimately it is inspiring. He has a tough crazy life, but in the end it's admirable that he can survive all this and still be a good guy, can still care for people," Chu said. "It's not just about him. The fact that his stuff actually inspires other kids to do good, inspires other kids to do music, inspires other kids to follow their dreams, I think is the big message of the movie."