'Walking Dead' Predictions: All About The Governor

David Morrissey returns to the AMC zombie drama tonight, and MTV News predicts the outcome of the episode.

Don't make him angry — you wouldn't like him when he's angry.

We could easily be talking about a certain Jade Giant, but the same rules apply to Philip Blake, better known on "The Walking Dead" as the Governor. The one-eyed former dictator of Woodbury, played by David Morrissey, returns to the AMC zombie drama Sunday night (November 17) in an episode called "Live Bait." After briefly appearing outside the prison walls at the end of last week's episode, the Governor's full-fledged return happens tonight, with an episode that promises to fill in the gaps between the character's last appearance in season three and his current whereabouts in season four.

Let's get our tinfoil eye patches on and do some predicting, shall we?

Prediction #1: It's All Governor, All The Time

Forget Rick. Forget the sickness. Forget Carol and her serial-killing tendencies. Tonight, we zero in on a serial killer of an entirely different color. Perhaps "Live Bait" won't be exclusively about the Governor, but the vast majority of the episode will center on the character. We'll find out where he went after riddling his fellow Woodburians with bullets at the end of season three. We'll find out if his pals Caesar Martinez and Shumpert are still with him. And we'll find out exactly why the Governor still has his one good eye on the prison after all these months.

Prediction #2: He's Got An Army

There's some debate about this online: Is the Governor at the prison all by himself, or does he have support? Perhaps the supporters aren't with him at the moment, but I'd be shocked if the Governor hasn't amassed a loyal following since his time away from the show. He's nothing if not charismatic and magnetic. He knows how to organize a community of survivors. And he knows how to rally them against a common foe. If there's one thing the Governor still lives for, it's a false sense of self-worship, seeing himself as a messiah figure for survivors of the apocalypse. Expect to see some of his newest recruits on tonight's episode.

Prediction #3: Bob Stookey Revealed

While we're on the subject of loyal subjects, what about Bob? I've speculated throughout the season that the former army medic is secretly working with the Governor. There's some precedent for that if you look at the comic books, but as always, the comics are a loose guideline for the show; there are major differences between the two stories. That said, if ever there were a time to out Bob as one of the Governor's secret lackeys, tonight would be the episode to drop that particular bomb.

Prediction #4: The Governor In Jail

Then again, maybe Bob isn't with the Governor. Indeed, maybe the Governor doesn't need an inside man at the prison at all — because he is the inside man. We know the Governor's at the prison right now. What if he's been there for a while? There are ways of getting in and out of the facility undetected. (See the faulty fence and the makeshift "locks" that keep it patched together.) Sometimes you don't need an army to destroy an army. Sometimes all you need is a one-man wrecking ball — or, in the case of bad ol' Phil, a one-eyed wrecking ball.

Prediction #5: It's Going To Get Ugly

Executive producers Robert Kirkman and Scott Gimple both promised that when the Governor returned to "The Walking Dead," it would be a huge moment for the show. Last week's tease was a cool moment, but I'd stop short of saying huge. Tonight could be a different story. Fans of the "Walking Dead" comics know all too well what happens when the Governor and the prison collide. We got a version of that last season, but not the version. Based on the fast-and-furious pace of the past few episodes, don't be surprised if "Live Bait" kicks off an all-new bloodbath that covers the remainder of season four.

What do you think will happen on tonight's episode of "The Walking Dead"? Tell us your Governor predictions in the comments below!