Rihanna 'What Now' Video: Looks Familiar To Us...

MTV News remembers 'Disturbia' and 'Russian Roulette' with Rih Rih's latest visual.

As promised, Rihanna is both "creepy" and "pretty" in her video for "What Now." The simple visual focuses on the singer as she mopes in a sparse warehouse space, possessed by her loneliness.

And, whether or not she is aware of it, some of the scenes in the video (directed by Jeff Nicholas, Jonathan Craven and Darren Craig) pay homage to some of her past visuals. MTV News has rounded up those moments.

All Eyes On Me

The close-up in this new video looks very familiar to the one from her "Diamonds" video, also off her 2012 album Unapologetic. It's not only her dark hair, which is styled almost the same, but also the overall eerie, tortured vibe.

Blink And You'll Miss It

When the camera isn't focused on Rihanna, it shifts to shots of thunder, a tunnel and a gloomy sky, furthering the video's narrative about Rihanna's solitude. Those shots certainly recall the types of images used in the "We Found Love" video. Those shots certainly recall the types of images used in the "We Found Love" video, mirroring its frenzy with fast-paced shots of blinking eyes and fireworks.

More For The Price of One

Both "What Now" and "Disturbia" have a dark, supernatural vibe about them. And in addition to sharing that similarity, the visuals' shots are layered, giving off a sort of 3-D effect.

In The Ring

Rihanna's definitely got a sense of style, and just like in her equally simple clip for "Stay," the singer is wearing some bling. She's stacking rings on rings on rings in both videos.

Pull The Trigger?

Rihanna is pretty melancholy in the "What Now" video and much of that is exhibited in her actions and movements, which at times look a little bit like an exorcism. The video's space looks a lot like the empty cell she spent a lot of her time in the "Russian Roulette" video and much like in that video she not only lays on the ground, but also cowers in a corner.