Watch Justin Bieber Shed A Tear In 'Believe' Trailer

Bieber sings, cries and, of course, takes his shirt off in the clip.

Get the purple eggnog ready, Justin Bieber is coming at you this Christmas Day. His latest big-screen spectacle, "Believe," is slated to hit theaters on December 25, and with only five weeks until its release, fans were treated to the full trailer debut on Friday (November 15).

The trailer, which hit Yahoo! Movies after several days of teases, gives fans a deeper look at the flick. The movie serves as a concert film and a documentary, shedding light on Bieber's life since the release of his first film, 2011's "Never Say Never."

The trailer is full of everything a Belieber could ever want including shirtless moments, baby footage, concert reels with epic crowd shots and the 19-year-old star getting real about his public ups and downs, even shedding a tear.

He says, "When you've reached a certain point in life, there are people out there waiting to see you fall. But rather than let gravity take you down, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands ... and fly."

Ahead of the trailer debut, MTV News spoke to the movie's director Jon Chu (who also worked with Bieber on "Never Say Never"). He opened up about why the teaser is such a great representation of the film.

"I think a lot of people don't know what this movie is. What more story can you tell of the Justin Bieber story? And there's so much that has happened this year and last year, building the tour and his personal life, that we get to delve into," he shared about the release. "And you get to see the truth."