Will Evan Rachel Wood's 'Terminator' Halloween Costume Lead To Reboot Role?

"Charlie Countryman" star may spin Halloween costume into feature role.

Evan Rachel Wood is Sarah Connor. Or at least, she dressed as the iconic character from "Terminator 2" for Halloween, but as MTV News found out the costume could lead to a role in the reboot.

When interviewer Josh Horowitz sat down with the "Charlie Countryman" star, he asked about a tweet Wood sent on Halloween saying she dressed as Connor. Turns out, it wasn't just any Connor: it was Linda Hamilton's character from the hit sequel, complete with theme song playing when Wood entered a room.

Sadly, Wood's husband didn't dress as Robert Patrick's T-1000, though he did sport a sweet "Beetlejuice" inspired costume. Still, since Wood professed to be such a "Terminator" fan, Horowitz asked if she might want to go in for a part in the announced reboot.

"I would be scared, because it's hard to compete with Linda Hamilton," Wood said to interviewer Josh Horowitz. "She was such a bad-ass. I would have to really work out the guns."

So will Wood get the part? Unfortunately, calling the director "Jane Cameron" probably won't do the actress any favors, as she laughingly called the gaffe the "last nail in the coffin." Still, with the part open, and Wood willing, anything could happen through the magic of Halloween!

"Charlie Countryman" is in theaters Friday, November 15.