Rockie Fresh And Lunice Cooking Up More Than 'Panera Bread'

'The game is getting real redundant and a lot of people are just doing the same thing,' Rockie explains of teaming up with the TNGHT star.

In hip-hop's earliest days, MCs and collectives were propelled to success because rappers saw the benefit in teaming up with producers who helped them shape new and defining sounds. Now, Rockie Fresh and Lunice are subscribing to that blueprint.

The Maybach Music Group star and the TNGHT producer, respectively, are using the old formula to create something new. Rockie's "Superman OG," "Panera Bread" and "Headquarters Freestyle" are just the first of many collabos between Rockie and the electronic producer. (If his name doesn't ring a bell, Lunice's single "R U Ready" supplied the beat for Kanye West's "Blood on the Leaves.") So during a stop on their joint Headquarters Tour, MTV News caught up with the pair and discussed their future plans.

"When we wanted to do music, it was always with that purpose of being able to provide people with something different, that they've never heard," Rockie explained of his partnership with Lunice.

The sentiment was shared by Lunice who added, "It never started as a tactic. It was purely out of having the same motivation of wanting to move forward with things."

What motivated the collaboration was a mutual desire to shake up the status quo. "I just want to do a new thing," Rockie continued. "Me being a rapper, I noticed that the game is getting real redundant and a lot of people are just doing the same thing and it's making the fans a lot less interested. So with that, I just really wanted to take it upon myself to get some fly music back to the culture that's a little different from what people have been hearing."

Both artists have been hard at work on their solo albums, and they use their time together on the road to challenge each other. After spending time listening to Lunice's new material from his forthcoming Lucky Me, Rockie said, "I heard a lot of his new records and they're insane and they motivated me even more, him playing some of his new stuff. So yeah, we working."

The Headquarters Tour is scheduled to run through November 23, wrapping up on in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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