Icona Pop's 2014 Plans: Miley Tour, Making Out With Prince

Swedish duo also hope David Bowie can make it out to Miley's Bangerz tour.

Icona Pop broke through in 2013 with "I Love It," a fizzy f--- you to their former flames.

But now, as they head into 2014, they're looking for a little love, with a brand-new single off their This Is ... Icona Pop debut, "Just Another Night," which is pretty much the polar opposite of "I Love It."

"[The video] was filmed in Paris and it is a love story, a love drama," Aino Jawo told MTV News. "It's very emotional. Lots of making out. It's a beautiful video. It's a more sensitive side of Icona Pop."

"It's very romantic!" Caroline Hjelt added. "We don't want to reveal too much, but we love the video. I think it's time for people who haven't seen that side of us to see it."

Icona Pop are also planning on showing a different side of themselves on Miley Cyrus' upcoming Bangerz tour, which kicks off in February and will take them all across North America on a bill that also includes Sky Ferreira. It's a tremendous opportunity for the dynamic duo to expand their fanbase; but that's not all. Even though they're just opening for Miley, they plan on taking full advantage of the tour's guest lists ... especially if some of their famous crushes happen to be in town.

"If Prince wants to come out, he can join us," Jawo said.

"We are so excited," Hjelt laughed. "David Bowie is welcome as well."