Jennifer Lawrence is ‘Such An Idiot,’ ‘Catching Fire’ Co-Star Josh Hutcherson Says

'But such a genius at the same time,' actor tells MTV News at the film's London premiere.

Rest easy, Catching Fire” fans: When the second installment in “The Hunger Games” series hits theaters on November 22, with new director Francis Lawrence at the helm, Josh Hutcherson promises the big-screen adaptation to be “a lot like the book.”

Speaking with MTV News at the film’s London premiere, Hutcherson summed up the film in three words: “bigger,” “exciting” and “challenging.”

But it wouldn’t be a “Hunger Games” event without a little lovefest between Hutcherson and his on-screen paramour Jennifer Lawrence.

The (totally platonic) romance has been well documented over the years, with JLaw telling MTV News on Monday that Hutcherson is a “genius” and “like a 100-year-old wise, old man.”

Apparently, the feeling is (mostly) mutual.

“Jennifer is incredible to work with, really she is so much fun and such an idiot but such a genius at the same time,” Hutcherson said. “I just love being around her and we have such a great time together.”

The two had such a good time, in fact, that Lawrence had to sometimes shoo his stars away from the set.

“Every once in a while, you get the perfect storm of actors together, particularly Josh, Jenn and Woody [Harrelson], when those three would get together, things would start to break,” the director previously told MTV News’ Josh Horowitz in a sit-down interview. “They would have a blast together, but they wouldn’t want to leave the set. So the crew is trying to work and light and do all of their things, and so I would have to shoo them away from set for little portions of time. One of the tricks with Jenn if she’s joking around is to start rolling the cameras and call ‘Action.” Then she’ll just dive right into it.”