Lady Gaga's ARTPOP Conspirators Take You Inside The Recording Sessions

Mother Monster's collaborators open up to MTV News about key tracks from her brand-new album.

Lady Gaga's brand-new album, ARTPOP, is a 15-track, high-octane record that explores the pop star's fascination with sex, love, fashion and fame.

And its creation was a team effort for which the Mother Monster enlisted the help of up-and-coming producers like Zedd and Madeon, as well as more established ones like Rick Rubin, RedOne and her Born This Way producer, DJ White Shadow. With the album out this week, MTV News caught up with many of the folks who worked with Gaga on ARTPOP and got the inside scoop.


According to White Shadow, the title track was a defining moment during the making of the album: "I think 'ARTPOP' is definitive just because it is the title track. It's, like, one of the first ones she wrote. It's like the backbone of the record, right? It's what the record is about and, again, it kind of set up the stage to do different stuff."


Gaga had been working on this track with longtime pal RedOne, when she played some of it for up-and-coming producer Madeon. Once the 19-year-old heard it, he helped finish it during a session in Paris.

"We went back to her hotel room [after a show] and she had a piano and she was signing this chorus," Madeon explained, "And I had never heard the original track. I started playing new chords and we started writing a new song based on that song. So it's kind of a nice story on [how] two different takes on the same idea made a new song."

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"Jewels 'N Drugs"

For the hip-hop-influenced track, the singer enlisted the help of T.I., Too $hort and Twista. White Shadow noted those three rappers were chosen because they "just [wanted] to do something that was not quite as obvious as what was out there already."

Twista then broke down his favorite contribution to the song, telling MTV News, "There's one line that I like a lot when I say, 'And I'mma be as strange as Lady Gaga.' That was a dope line to me." So how is Gaga strange to him? "To just know you're free-minded and you're willing to take risks and do what it takes to bring something different to the industry than what everybody has seen before."


The Rick Rubin-produced song was born from another song called "I Wanna Be With You," White Shadow revealed. But Gaga wanted a song with more "conflict," and from there, the ballad was created.

"Rick had been calling her even before her hip surgery 'cause I remember when she had her hip surgery, she was all on pain meds and she was like, 'Rick Rubin called me today. Should I work with him?' And I was like, 'Yeah ... please call him back.' She went out to his studio in Santa Monica and they hit it off and worked on that song. I think she really enjoyed working with Rick. ... It's a great song and he was the right guy to do it."