Juicy J Brings Out Lola Monroe's Inner Tupac On 'Makaveli'

'He was just letting me lead,' Lola says of Juicy's influence over her Lipstick and Pistols track.

Lola Monroe is all lady, but she definitely has a tough side to her. With her latest mixtape Lipstick and Pistols, she masters a balancing act, with the help of some pretty experienced friends.

The Tupac Shakur-themed "Makaveli" is a stand-out that was encouraged by Lola's former Taylor Gang crewmate and veteran hit maker Juicy J, who also raps on the track. "I was in the studio with Juicy and he pulled up the beat and he was like 'You make the hook. Go 'head," Monroe recalled to MTV News.

"He was just letting me lead. He listened to my records before we even got introduced and he was like, 'I love that D.C. side of you, that edge and everything that you come from, so I want you to stick with that.' "

"All my n---as G'd up, Makaveli," Lola rhymes on the hook in a sinister-yet-seductive roll of her tongue.

"I was listening to All Eyez on Me a lot around that time, I was in L.A. and that's just what the beat gave me and a lot of times when I write my records, I allow the beat and the feeling of the beat to just lead my hook and the emotion that comes out of me," she said of 'Pac's classic double LP, which he released in 1996, just months before he was murdered.

"It's just 'Pac in general. His intensity and his passion that also stuck out to me," she continued talking about Tupac's and the Notorious B.I.G.'s influence over her. "I loved Biggie coming up and I love Biggie's flow and just how he was always a boss and his delivery on the track. And then with 'Pac it was the intensity and the passion behind all his lyrics and his delivery."