'Arrow': David Ramsey Teases Season Two's 'Axis Of Evil'

CW star also talks tonight's Diggle-centric 'Keep Your Enemies Closer.'

David Ramsey is about to have a very rough week. One of the stars of The CW's "Arrow," Ramsey has spent most of the second season in support mode as bodyguard John Diggle, helping Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen bring justice to Starling City. With Wednesday (November 13) night's episode titled "Keep Your Enemies Closer," that all changes as a Diggle-centric hour brings the bodyguard to the forefront of the action.

"I called up Stephen and I asked him how the hell does he do this every day?" Ramsey told MTV News over the phone, laughing. "There was a physical demand that hadn't been there before. As an actor, I loved it. David Ramsey? It took a little getting used to."

In the episode, Team Arrow (comprised of Diggle, Queen, and Emily Bett Rickards' Felicity Smoak) heads to Russia on a mission, with Queen's rival Isabel Rochev (played by Summer Glau) in tow. Things take a turn for the far more complicated when DC Comics' mainstay Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) shows up, giving Diggle hints as to the location of his arch-enemy Deadshot.

"The build-up we've had over the past season and even part of this season between Diggle and Deadshot finally gets a pay-off," Ramsey said, adding that just because something might seem final in the "Arrow" universe, that isn't always the end. "Even in death, the stories are so strong, they're always taking another turn."

Speaking of turns, it seems that not only does Addai-Robinson bring Amanda Waller to life for the first time in the TV universe, but her character is going to be a turning point for the show's second season.

"[Addai-Robinson] brings a weight to Amanda Waller, an authority to Amanda Waller that comes from knowing exactly who she is, and what position she holds," Ramsey said. "This is definitely not the last time you're going to see Amanda. She's going to play a very large part in this season's arc. She's very important to Team Arrow, and where they're going in the future."

Where might they be going? Potentially toward an incarnation of DC Comics' team Suicide Squad. In the books, the Squad brings together a number of imprisoned villains and tasks them with going on almost certain death missions for the government, with the promise they may get their freedom. Add in last week's reveal that Team Arrow may eventually go up against Batman baddie Ra's al Ghul's League of Assassins, plus the introduction of DC Comics' deadliest mad scientist Professor Ivo, and there's a lot of balls in the air.

"Where all these balls in the air are going to go, and to Team Arrow — which will ultimately expand — how do we relate to that?" Ramsey said. "How do we battle that?"

That certainly seems to be the question: will Team Arrow deal with all of the threats one at a time? Of course not. According to Ramsey Season Two is headed towards a huge climactic confrontation. "I was asked by the writers what I was most looking forward to this season, and I said the Axis of Evil!" Ramsey recalled laughing. "There's a huge, huge season coming that we're just now getting into. There'll be big prices to pay for the expansion of this universe."

And speaking of universes, while the DC Comics Universe keeps giving to "Arrow," the show is giving back to the comics. Last week DC Comics' debuted Ramsey's character in the ongoing "Green Arrow" comic for the first time, an event the actor finds hugely flattering.

"I couldn't even believe it when they told me that was going to happen," Ramsey said. "You don't go in looking for that, you just try to play the best, be as true to the writing as you can. But the fans demanded this. Just to know that if the character continues 10 years from now, 15 years from now, that character will be some place in the DC Universe. And I'm grateful."

Last, and perhaps most importantly, we asked whether Diggle could ever get together with nerdy IT girl Felicity Smoak. Though the popular fan opinion is that Smoak and Queen should get together (prompting the hashtag "Olicity"), Ramsey wasn't averse to the idea.

"What would you call that? Dilicity?" Ramsey quipped. "My sense is that it's a little more dramatic for the IT girl to be with the hero, not necessarily the protector. But I can tell you, whatever way they go, we're going to be honest with the writing."

There you go, Dilicity fans: there's still hope. Let's get that hashtag going.

"Arrow" is on The CW Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET.