Justin Bieber Grows A Pair In 'Believe' Trailer Clip: Watch

We get a glimpse of Biebs growing a pair of wings and taking flight in the new teaser, which will debut in full on Friday.

Justin Bieber is taking on all the haters in his movie, "Believe," out on Christmas Day. A teaser for the movie's trailer, which debuts in full on Friday, premiered on "Good Morning America" on Wednesday (November 13).

The short clip features a voiceover from the pop star, mixed in with footage from one of his concerts. He says, "When you've reached a certain point in life, there are people out there waiting to see you fall. But rather than let gravity take you down, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands ... and fly."

The singer then does take flight in a pair of mechanical wings. That scene is taken from a part of his Believe concert tour.

"Believe" will serve as a Christmas present for all his fans, thanks to its December 25 release date. It was helmed by director Jon Chu, who also worked with the 19-year-old on his 2011 concert flick/documentary, "Never Say Never."

Recently, the Believe trek hit a snag when Bieber left the stage early last Sunday while performing in Argentina due to food poisoning. Additionally, he's been the subject of several other tabloid reports.

He made headlines after a photo was released of the singer sleeping in his Brazilian hotel room. A model said she was invited to his room when she took the pic. He also faced some heat after he defaced a wall with graffiti in Brazil and could be questioned by police in connection with it.

However, he hit the stage as planned on Tuesday night in Chile. Bieber has a few days off before the tour resumes again on November 18 in Mexico City. The singer referred to his handful of days off as a "nice little break."