Kim Kardashian Shares Baby North Pics... 'LOL'

Kim reveals more pictures of her daughter, which has her giggling at Nori's cute smirks.

Kim Kardashian doesn't just share photos of herself. Late Tuesday night, she released new photos of her baby daughter, North.

[article id="1715949"]Kanye West's fiancé[/article] released two new snaps of [article id="1709103"]North, who was born in June[/article]. One picture features Nori being held by Givenchy Creative Director Riccardo Tisci, which Kim hashtagged "#NewStylist." Kim recently shared photos of [article id="1714849"]couture she gave North[/article] when she hit up [article id="1714849"]Paris Fashion Week with Yeezy[/article]. One of those gifts, a Givenchy T-shirt with Bambi on it, was from Tisci.

Meanwhile, another photo is a close-up on North's face, as she flashes a big smile. "LOL," Kim's message under it reads.

Back in September, [article id="1714705"]Kanye sat down with BBC Radio 1[/article] and opened up about the paparazzi culture that his daughter will inevitably grow up in having two famous parents. He shared what he'll tell his daughter about getting paid for having her picture taken. As of now, the parents haven't sold any photos of their infant, instead using social media (and mom, [article id="1712904"]Kris Jenner's talk show[/article]) to let fans see the baby.

" 'You see all these checks that you're getting at age six? Because people taking your picture? You don't have to ever worry about a thing again just because people want to take your picture,' " he said of his future conversation with her. " 'And I made that happen, Nori.' "

This week, the family teased their [article id="1717270"]"The Kardashians: A Very Merry Christmas"[/article] special on E!. Nori wasn't seen in the clip, but come Christmas, maybe we'll get another glimpse during the one-off KUWTK episode.