Lady Gaga Unveils Her Latest Meat Accessory In 'SNL' Promos

Gaga will host and perform on the show this weekend.

The list of people who have both hosted and performed on "Saturday Night Live" over the past five seasons is a relatively short (and impressive) one: Bruno Mars, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger.

When Lady Gaga adds her name to that roster on Saturday she'll fulfill a dream she's had nearly her entire life. "AH! I've been envisioning this since I was 4 and 3/4rs!" she wrote on Tuesday.

 singer's dreams finally come true in a series of promos she shot with cast member Kenan Thompson, which play on Gaga's royal status as a pop queen, poke fun at her most famous dress and find the two just generally acting silly. Wearing a black sequin dress, blonde bob, elbow-length black velvet gloves and a tiara with a giant black feather sticking out of it, Gaga is her usual fashionable self in the first clip.

"Gaga I got all dressed up for you today," says Thompson, who is wearing a muted plaid shirt. "Yeah, look at my meat watch!" The gold bangle with what appears to be bacon strapped to it doesn't really impress Mother Monster, who replies, "Oh, Kenan."

"Is it weird?" he wonders. "Just be yourself," she counsels as he starts taking a bite of his fleshy timepiece. "Maybe don't be yourself."

In a bit making fun of the media's weight obsession, Thompson is shown talking to a lamp with a blonde wig. "Ah, Gaga, you look just like I remember you," Thompson muses. "No Kenan, I'm over here, that's a lamp." When the actor is confused, Gaga assures him she's the one on the left, who's talking. "Wait, what? I can't tell the difference."

Other promos have the two speaking in exaggerated theatrical accents to an applauding audience's delight, Thompson embarrassingly realizing that Lady Gaga is not the singer's real name and doing a silly riff on someone else who lives for the applause: Tinker bell.

"If you don't clap, she dies," Thompson reminds Gaga. "Well, then I'll clap," she says, at which point Kenan pulls out a flashlight and starts waving it around. "No, no Kenan, that's a flashlight," a disappointed Gaga says, before he convinces her otherwise and lands a kiss on the cheek.

In the final clip, the pair promise to "flip things upside down" with their performances on the show, proceeding to run in place and spin the picture on its side and upside down, before getting sick and vomiting out the words, "Lady Gaga: Host & Musical Guest -- This Saturday RSVP To No One."