Kate Upton In The 'Entourage' Movie And 8 Other Totally Bro Ideas

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model is said to be up for the female lead, so we added some more bro choices to the film.

"Entourage," despite being a hit television show, has always caught a lot of heat for being, well, super bro-tastic. Vince and the guys are always just kind of hangin' out, hittin' on girls, and barely cobbling together film projects. ("Yo, E! The movie's back on!")

So, should it come as a surprise at all that, according to The Wrap, Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton is in early discussion to join the cast as the female lead? This is one of the first major updates about the upcoming movie version of the HBO show, and based on this potential casting, we've thought of some equally bro-y ideas for the "Entourage" movie.

The Score

The score should be written by Dave Matthews, and it will be made entirely from two instruments, acoustic guitar and throaty scatting.

The Action

Turtle, after years of being just the driver, follows his dream to become an MMA fighter. Unfortunately, he knocks out the studio head's son, meaning Vince can't do the movie.

The Scent

During screenings of the movie, the theater will pipe in the newest body spray from Axe, called Hollywood Hangover. It smells like chlorine, bong water and Natty Ice.

The Director

All respect to Doug Ellin, the film's current director, but can't we get Michael Bay? Is he busy?

The Extras

The members of O.A.R. will be extras in the background, but only because that's just what they do now.

The Merch

The merchandising for the film will consist only of stiff dress shirts that are missing the top three buttons and prepackaged red "Entourage Edition" Solo cups that come with ping pong balls.

The Tix

The movie tickets will be printed temporary tattoos that come in two varieties: barbed wire and Chinese characters that spell out "Property of Jeremy Piven."