The Secret Truth Behind Natalie Portman's Xzibit Ringtone In 'Thor 2'

Alan Taylor explains how he knew Young De Aka Demrick's 'Cake'n Up' was the one.

Ask not for whom the phone rings, because if it rings with an obnoxious Xzibit-produced ringtone, it's definitely ringing for Natalie Portman.

In Marvel's latest box-office giant, "Thor: The Dark World," it's a running joke that Portman's Jane Foster, renowned astrophysicist/lady love of thunder gods everywhere, can't figure out how to change her cell phone's ringtone off the Young De Aka Demrick track "Cake'n Up." And, of course, her phone tends to go off at the worst possible moments. Nothing like a little Xzibit verse to lighten the mood, right?

MTV News' Josh Horowitz caught up with "Thor: The Dark World" director Alan Taylor on the red carpet at the film's premiere and asked him about the gag.

"A lot of thought went into that," Taylor said of his choice of song. "We had several of them, and then that one came along and it was so irritating that we knew we'd found the right one."

Taylor called the running joke "one of [his] favorite moments."

"Somebody in our music department had come up with this [song] and it bugged us all, so we knew we'd found the right one," he said of the earworm-y rap song.

Asked to consider Xzibit's feelings, Taylor hedged his comments about the track.

"Well, I think played in the right way, on the right speakers, it would be fantastic," he said. "But playing on a tiny speaker in a time of crisis, it had exactly the right quality."