Drake Or Derulo? Austin Mahone Dreams Up His Album Wish List

Mahone dishes to MTV News about why he's taking his time getting his first album out.

With two catchy singles, a slew of awards and a legion of fans, 2013 was a good year to be Austin Mahone, and he's not slowing down any time soon.

The 17-year-old pop star debuted his "Banga Banga" single Sunday night and is gearing up to release his first album. His Mahomies have been patiently waiting for it since he burst onto the scene last year.

"I would say it's probably going to be sometime in the beginning of 2014 because I'm still working on it trying to get every little piece, every detail perfected," Mahone told MTV. "I don't want to put it out and be like, 'Oh wait, I should have done this better, I could have done this a little different,' so I just want to make sure it's perfect, and it's coming along really nicely."

And with a few months to go until the top of the year, Mahone has some time to get his dream collaborators to make an appearance on his untitled album. He already has producers RedOne, Sean Garrett and Max Martin on lock.

"On my upcoming album, I would like to have Drake. He's one of my biggest inspirations," Mahone said. "And I think it would be really cool to have him on a track. Maybe Jason Derulo. Actually, Jordin Sparks said she wanted to do a collaboration with me, so I think that would be really cool."

Mahone might've put in the good word with Derulo at the 2013 MTV EMA, where they both performed Stateside on Sunday. Mahone, who won the fan-voted award for Artist on the Rise, took the stage to perform "Banga Banga" for the first time. He showed no signs of fatigue after his recent hospitalization for a blood clot, giving fans a rousing and energetic performance, complete with impeccable dance moves that may just make their way into the upcoming "Banga Banga" video, which Mahone said he was shooting soon.

"It's just going to be a fun video of us just messing around, having fun, dancing, jumping, definitely a lot of choreography in there, so I'm excited to shoot it," Mahone said "I think it's going to turn out really, really good."