'Walking Dead' Burning Questions: Guess Who's Back?

After sitting out of the action for several episodes, David Morrissey's one-eyed villain returns! But what's he up to?

Warning: major spoilers from last night's "The Walking Dead" lie ahead!

He's back!

After five anxious weeks without the Governor, the one-eyed villain has returned to the world of "The Walking Dead." David Morrissey made his first season four appearance at the end of last night's episode, "Internment," gazing upon the prison from a safe (but still eerily close) distance. The brief, episode-ending moment didn't give too many clues about the Governor's plans for the prison moving forward, but whatever he has up his sleeve can't be good news for Rick Grimes and friends.

Let's dive deeper into the Governor's return and more with our latest round of "Walking Dead" burning questions.

Now? Really?

Not one full day after all-out war broke out in the prison's makeshift hospital, not one full day after Daryl and company returned with the medicine and finally started healing people — really, just as all Hell broke loose and nearly got bottled up again — the Governor finally returns. How's that for timing?

So, What's Phil Been Up To?

Looks like we'll find out in next week's episode; judging by the preview, it'll be a Governor-heavy hour. The mind wanders with the possibilities. Did the Governor find a new crew of likeminded sadists to bring to the prison? Is he there all on his own? How long has he been watching our heroes? The answers are sure to come in the next week or two, and they most assuredly won't be pretty.

What About Carol?

Granted, a lot happened this week. Talking about the Carol problem wasn't exactly the top priority on anybody's minds. With the Governor back in the mix, perhaps the Carol conversation will continue to wait as other pressing issues come to the top of the pile. Still, Maggie and Hershel readily accepted Rick's explanation about Carol. But how will Daryl and Tyreese react to the news? Should be interesting going forward.

Is Hershel The Show's Biggest Badass?

Hey, it's worth asking! He doesn't have the greasy-haired crossbow-slinging thing down, but I'll happily take a one-legged shotgun-blasting old-man veterinarian as a runner-up any day of the week. There were at least five moments in this most recent episode where I really thought Hershel's days were numbered. But it's going to take a whole lot more than a bunch of sick zombies to take down this tough son of a bitch.

Is The Disease Finally Dead?

We're bound to see some fallout in the coming episode or two, given how poorly Glenn and Sasha reacted to the sickness. Even with all the medication in place, it'll take some time for those two to recover completely. But here's hoping the disease dies soon, if not as soon as next week. There's more than enough conflict brewing between the Governor's return and the whole Carol question — not to mention all of the walkers out there in the woods, just a few shambles away from causing another disaster.

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