Watch Eminem And Ron Burgundy Bond At MTV EMA

Global Icon honoree hits the stage on Sunday before the anchorman tries to start a (fake) beef between Em and Afrojack.

No wonder Eminem is starting to feel like a "Rap God." After being announced as the Global Icon award winner at the 2013 MTV EMA on Sunday night (November 10), Slim Shady tore through two songs for fans at Amsterdam's Ziggo Dome.

Em took the stage as his DJ, the Alchemist, spun the track from Billy Squire's "The Stroke," the chief sample behind his Marshall Mathers LP 2 lead single "Berzerk." Sporting an army green flight jacket, matching Nike Air Max sneakers and his original blond buzz-cut, the Detroit rap vet bounced through the song with the help of a souped-up backing track and hype man Denuan Porter. The crowd ate it all up and even celebs like Rita Ora danced in the aisles.

For his second song of the night, Em stripped down the music and put his supreme lyricism on display over the sparse-sounding beat of "Rap God." Like a whirlwind, Eminem blew through his verses and sped up to pay homage to '80s California group JJ Fad.

"I'm devastating, more than ever demonstrating/ How to give a mother----in' audience a feeling like it's levitating," he rapped, taking just a few breaths.

After the performance, Em was met by Ron Burgundy (a.k.a. Will Ferrell, who hilariously stayed in his "Anchorman 2" character the entire night). Burgundy presented the rapper with the Global Icon Award.

"Yo, first of all, this is nuts. I just want to say thank you to everybody man; for everything over the years, all of you. MTV Europe, thank you," said Eminem, who also took the award for Best Hip-Hop. Soon, he was channeling Ferrell's "Anchorman" co-star Steve Carell as he blurted out: "I love award."

Marshall and Burgundy exchanged lines from the original "Anchorman" film, until Ron broke the moment to pose a semi-serious question: "I hate to stir it up, but Afrojack has been talking sh-- about you, anything you wanna say? Em responded with a cold "Who?"

Shady's definitely back.